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art and grief

Exploring Grief Through Art and Movement

Join us every month for an extraordinary evening that delves into the profound connection between our emotional bodies, creative energy, and the intricate nature of grief. In a world where healing often feels focused on our mental health, this gathering aims to illuminate an alternative path forward by embracing the transformative power of art, expression, and community support. 


Our Journey

JK, Toronto

"This was one of the first times I have felt like I could do something with my grief. That grief was part of me...but not all of me."

DS, Minneapolis

"Bringing this practice in every season as been one of the most healing experiences after I lost my son. 

KW, Seattle

"Well that was not only fascinating but deeply needed. I will remember this for a long time."

All Grief is Welcome

This workshop is inclusive of all types of grief and losses. We also embrace the exploration of specific emotional burdens you want to move through. It has been practiced and developed from 25 years of grief and loss specializations based on the richness of nurturing our whole body experiences.

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