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Grief doesn't need healing but our relationship with it does. Our coaches support your journey through grief and loss and help you cultivate a relationship with what feels lost forever so that you can bring that back into your life in new transformative ways.

We are here.

We are here to witness, advocate for and support you and because everyone experiences loss and grief differently, Grief Advocacy includes a variety of approaches and can help recommend the most appropriate support for you...please reach in.

We also offer our Legacy Project which is dedicated to a life long journey of losses and your courage to come to terms with the accumulation of all experiences.  We journey towards an action based legacy experience. This program is immersive and requires an in person commitment.

You can learn more about all our programs below, or please set up a grounding call and we can help direct you to which resource may be be suited to your needs.


Cultivating A Relationship with Grief

How we help you develop and cultivate a kinship with Grief


Acknowledgement of your Emotional Truths

Instead of being isolated and silent, we spend time unravelling the emotions of our experiences. This doesn't mean reliving them but rather accepting and witnessing want you are carrying today as a result of your experiences.


Releasing You of Expectations

We remove the expectations that we have that grief is something you are supposed to get over or heal. We dive into how we have been not measuring up to these false expectations and how we can navigate and advocate for our emotional wellness while grieving.


Advocating for Aliveness

Grief exists because we were brave and vulnerable enough to love and trust. We spend time understanding the importance of what we lost and how we can cultivate a relationship with that part of us that is worth grieving.


Developing a Connection

We cultivate a relationship with our grief so that it can remind us of what is important to us. It reminds us of what our passions, desires and our values are. This process is a life long journey that needs attunement and practice as we navigate future experiences.

JK, Toronto

"This was one of the first times I have felt like I could do something with my grief. That grief was part of me...but not all of me."

DS, Minneapolis

"Bringing this practice in every season as been one of the most healing experiences after I lost my son. 

KW, Seattle

"Well that was not only fascinating but deeply needed. I will remember this for a long time."

All Losses Are Welcome

Our programs are inclusive of all types of grief and losses. We also embrace the exploration of specific intergenerational losses you may be carrying. It has been practiced and developed from 25 years of grief and loss specializations based on the richness of nurturing our whole body, mind and spirit.

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