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Grief Advocacy emerged from a profound understanding of our fundamental need for connection in life. It recognizes the extensive reach of loss beyond individual experiences of death. By embracing the reality that grief is a lifelong journey, we can address the aspects that hinder our progress, enabling us to transform and carry our grief forward. Our mission is to foster grief as a lifelong ally and to cultivate compassionate practices that reconnect us to our community and ourselves. 

Local Support Referral Network

We have a wonderful network of service providers across North America.  Please reach out and we can find wonderful supports that meet you where you are.

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One blurry night in Manhattan, I met a man who unknowingly became the catalyst for my passion for grief work. Rejected by his family, he faced death alone, struggling to reconcile his love for them and find forgiveness while battling treatments. Witnessing his lonely death and grief fueled my activism.


Shortly after his passing, I underwent training in Palliative Care Home Hospice for both Adults and Children. For five years, I experienced the most incredible moments of my life. Though unconventional, these experiences were beautifully honest and raw. This time showed me the unpredictable nature of death and the difficulties in facing mortality and grief. Yet, even in the darkest moments, we can find glimmers of beauty, cracks of light, and solace in tears.


My deep need to make sense of it all led to numerous other educational undertakings including Somatic Practices, IFS Practioner Training, Death Doula Accreditation, Orphan Wisdom Scholar and Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certification. These layers continued to deepen my advocacy for grief care and eventually led to the creation of Grief Advocacy.

Today, my primary focus is to advocate for comprehensive grief care, encompassing all aspects of our existence. I am fully immersed in the intricate connection between grief, pleasure, and the indispensable role our bodies play as emotional compasses. 

Bereavement Leave Best Practices


Grief Coach Certifications

Somatic Parts Integration

Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Internal Family Systems Practitioners


Death Doulas

Forest Therapists

Life Coaches

Art Therapists


Trauma Informed Practice Certified

Leadership Coaches

Workplace Mental Health First Aid

Palliative Care Practitioners

Home Hospice Expertise

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