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When Grief feels Ambiguous and Enormous

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The whole world feels griefy and there isn't one word that sums it all up. That feels right to me. It's too much to be neatly boxed into a word. So it's no wonder why in the midst of the world of chaos, we find ourselves in, I am often met with cries from heart-centred folks - "I feel so lost, so powerless - what is there for me to do?"

My reply, while often feeling too simple and not enough is often this:


Take that sense of helplessness, that raw grief, that overwhelming surge of panic, and that veil of uncertainty, and let it move you. Understand and connect to that beautiful, pulsating heart, bearing the weight of it all, and dance with it. Turn on your favourite Griefy Song, close your eyes and just move. Then, when your body feels tired and loose, turn on your favourite love song and dance a love song to your wondrous heart. Let it tell you exactly how it feels through the rhythmic ritual of movement. Movement is a profound way to truly grasp all that you are carrying, and it offers a chance to recalibrate your emotional compass toward empowerment.


To cherish yourself and others is to extend the table of humanity just a little further. You cannot save the world, but you can certainly share your love and sadness with all those who feel it too. It speaks, my dear one, to the truth that you alone cannot shoulder the world, but you can reach out a hand to lift another. Gather your dearest companions for a shared meal, a feast for the soul, and engage in discourse that feeds your spirit. Absorb the passion and longing radiating from each heart at the table. Drink deeply of their unique brilliance, and offer them a sip of your own. Such an act of nourishment reverberates, sending ripples of compassion and understanding that can quell road rage, subdue greed, and even quiet the drums of war.

Rest Well

The world needs your fire, your spark to warm the hearts of others. Do not let its flame be smothered by exhaustion. This means rest must be revered, and honoured as a sacred act. We must decelerate, move with deliberate care, and be mindful of where we direct our energy. Reverence requires the unravelling of so many emotions that it's easy to feel exhausted. Walk a little slower, breathe a little deeper, bring patience into your day, and let rest be the reward.

Activism can be this.

It doesn't have to be demonstrations, petition signing or funding campaigns. It is nourishing the hearts of those that matter, it's creating care when the world feels careless, it's resting so you can support again.

You're invited to join Grief Advocacy for their guided movement events, available both virtually and in person. These unique evenings are designed to help us explore and navigate our grief through the powerful mediums of art and movement. By engaging in these experiences, you'll have the opportunity to connect with your grief, uncover your desires, and attune yourself to the physical manifestations of your emotions. Join us here: Exploring Grief through Art and Movement Workshop

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