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Tending to Your Clients Grief & Loss as a Life Coach

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In the realm of life coaching, where we are guiding individuals toward personal growth and transformation, it is essential for us to delve into the profound depths of grief and loss.

As many cliches allude to, joy cannot be fully experienced without acknowledging and understanding the complexities of sorrow. So if you are a coach who is looking to create expansion and transformation in your client's life it behooves you to explore the importance of knowing grief and loss and uncovering the transformative power it holds within the their life.

Embracing the Emotional Landscape:

As life coaches, we are entrusted with the noble task of providing support during some of life's most challenging moments. Grief is one such landscape, where emotions surge like turbulent waves, that often overtake any ability to move forward. By creating awareness and space for exploring our client's grief and loss experiences, we not only hold onto the preciousness of these emotions but we can ensure that our coaching programs are aligned with what they need even if that isn't why they came to you in the first place.

Compassion as the Compass:

The swirl of grief can often show up in unexpected ways, leaving clients feeling lost, confused, and isolated. This can hold back the growth that they expect and can leave you wondering why your programs are sticking. As life coaches, our role is to be their guide through to betterment, no matter what the initial goal is. Meeting clients in their grief and creating space for that swirl is one of the most powerful boundaries coaches can hold. This element of holding space is where we find compassion it is where our clients can fall into and know that they are doing hard work that will only make the growth that much better.

Redefining Strength:

Contrary to popular belief, strength does not always manifest as stoicism or the absence of tears. Rather, true strength lies in acknowledging vulnerability, in embracing the raw emotions that accompany grief and loss. By recognizing and honoring these emotions, we create an environment where empowerment can flourish, making room for our clients to find their unique path toward wholeness.

In my humbling experiences with sorrow, grief, loss, and trauma, the hardest part of these experiences doesn't require strength as much as they require love, honour, compassion, and nourishment.

The Power of Connection:

In the face of grief, isolation can become a formidable frenemy. As life coaches, it is our responsibility to foster connection, to create a brave space where individuals can share their stories without judgment, bypassing, or dismissal. By knowing grief and loss, we develop the capacity to confidently create a container for our clients. This container provides a harbour for their deepest sorrows and it is in that space you can redefine their journey towards a vibrant life.

Because more important than any program milestone, client homework or coaching promise is that you are that container, that you are the space-maker for what needs to be spoken and witnessed.

Pleasure in the Processing:

While grief and loss may seem synonymous with pain and suffering, it is crucial to remember that pleasure has its place in the process. Finding desire and pleasure inside of our grieving process is possible and in fact, provides a deeper understanding than any set of words could capture. By embracing the duality of grief, we can guide individuals toward a more balanced and holistic experience.

To be a life coach equipped with the knowledge and understanding of grief and loss is to embark on a profound journey of your own development and business transformation as well.

Our Client Grief & Loss Program provides coaches with the awareness, compassion, and guidance that their clients need during their darkest moments. By embracing the emotional complexity of grief, we are more equipped to be companions in our client's growth because the power of grief and loss lies not only in its ability to bring forth tears but also in its potential to inspire growth, resilience, and a deeper appreciation for life's most precious moments.

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