Death, Grief and Loss


End of Life Prep Class

6 Sessions of Active Participation

This is our most popular workshop especially in Retirement Homes. Are you and your loved ones prepared for your death? Have you had a discussion with them about what your wishes are at end of life?This series is designed to help you create your Death Binder.  We help you prepare and decide your burial options, your living will, and gives you a place for all your legal documents to be held.  We help you have have these discussions with your loved ones to help them be prepared for your death.  

This is a heavy topic however, this series is so fun!  We focus on possibilities, wonder and curiosity while making it safe to take about hard topics.

We work with lifestyle communities, retirement and long term care homes to help their residents understand what is possible at the end of life, how to make sense of grief and together support each others grief.

These workshops and series take place in person.

Understanding Grief 

2 HR Session

Our Advocates discuss what grief is, how it permeates our life and helps you support those who are grieving.  This is a 2 hour session that includes education, discussion and takeaways.

Often this workshop is followed up with personal one on one work should that be of interest to the attendees

Color Stain
Abstract Horizon

Grief Support Groups

Monthly Sessions Available

Together we create a brave space where we can have an open and honest discussion about what weighs heavy on your heart.  There is so much that we want to talk about but don't want to burden the people we love.  These groups ensure that you have somewhere to go where we can honour what you are carrying.