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Modernize your workplace bereavement practices


Bereavement Processes for Modern Workplaces
Bereavement Processes for Modern Workplaces
Jun 20, 2024, 1:00 p.m. EDT
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A transformative online workshop that modernize and personalize your corporate bereavement processes, equip yourself with the tools to seamlessly adapt these processes across your teams and foster a compassionate workplace. CPD credits Available.


Grief At Work

We are here to support you as you implement new processes within your organization, provide grief education to your audiences. or provide you with specialized grief care for a team.

personal support

Sometimes, therapy isn't what we need; rather, it's guidance from someone who truly comprehends our experiences. We assist you in carrying your grief in a new, nourishing dynamic. Our coaching programs are personalized to your unique journey, drawing upon 25 years of expertise in grief care.

Group support

Grief resonates profoundly within our mind, body, and spirit, encompassing our entire being. Our somatic grief practices allow you and your community to forge a profound connection with grief, fostering support as you navigate your forward journey.

If you’d like TO LEARN more about our offerings, get in touch today.

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