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Bringing Passion & Purpose back into caregiving

Finding Your Passion & Purpose for Caregiving Again

We have lost connection to ourselves and to our teams because we are tired, we have compassion fatigue and we just don't have the energy to do more than the basics.

How do we connect back to each other as a team?  How do we find our groove together? How do we build a workplace we want to be in?


It's time. Let's reflect on the tougher moments in our life, build a relationship with who we are now and who we want to be.

Let's make it FOR something.

Organizational Program

"Our teams are tired. They would rather work at Tim Hortons."

Our Organizational Program provides your teams with a new foundation that connects them to their passion and purpose for caregiving.

  • Reflecting on the teams journey

  • Nourishing who the team ins today

  • Renewing our commitment to our Teams Values

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Leadership Care

"I just wish i had the energy to care...I'm numb."

How do we rebuild purpose and passion in our teams after traumatic events? What does your Executive team need to come together and collectively trust and rebuild together?

Leading while exhausted is hard enough especially when our teams are crumbling. How can you as a team connect on what is most important for your organization to keep great talent. How do you live your organizations values everyday to ensure that each person on your team fully trusts that "we are in this together." 

Build skill sets that focus on:

  • Honouring Self

  • Honouring Others

  • Integrating Work Culture


We will create meaningful foundations for your teams dynamics, that are open, trust-filler and filled with supportive collaborations.

Frontlines, Patients, Residents & Families

"It's personal for me but all business for them"

Through our in person community groups, we help your employees build a connect to their themselves and their residents again. We deeply engrain their experience in Ritual & Ceremony that not only connects us with each other but supports us when we need it the most. We help frontline staff:

  • Find connecting moments with each other to rebuild trust.

  • Develop a Community where they can be brave, open and honest so they can work towards their own passions and purpose.

  • Provide them skills in supporting their residents & families in their grief.

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We have launched an online community to help leaders navigate healing while leading a team.  We have free programs for individual and also customized communities for Organizations looking to stand up for their teams wellbeing!

Interviews & Blog Posts


"My team saw me struggling despite my best efforts. Talking through what I could in a way that strengthened their trust and confidence in me is irreplaceable."

"It was the first time I felt safe enough to actually say the words outloud."

"I was completely on edge and didn't see it until a spent one session with Sarah.  After one hour, I felt my shoulder drop and was able to just be with my grief..no expectations. This time is precious to me."


"Can you think of a better way to live than in gratitude? Can you think of a better way to be than to be kind, loving, compassionate, respectful, courageous, truthful and forgiving? Even if we're wrong, can you think of a better way to breathe than through all that?"

Richard Wagamese