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Friends in Nature


An online, in the moment program that quickly helps leaders create a grief inclusive experience for bereaved employees, their teams and their organization.


If you're a leader seeking immediate support when one of your team members takes bereavement leave, this course is tailored specifically for you. We offer assistance and guidance to both you and your team during this challenging time, providing concise templates and practical advice.

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For Leaders

Our aim is to eliminate the uncertainty surrounding emotions, offering tried-and-true methods and frameworks to navigate challenging discussions. We provide straightforward, actionable advice to equip you with the necessary tools precisely when you require them.


For Teams

What should your team be aware of regarding their teammate's leave? How can they offer meaningful support? And how can they continue to provide support when the bereaved individual returns to work? We offer checklists and ideas to ensure that your team remains informed and prepared to support their colleagues throughout their bereavement journey.


For the Bereaved

Our mission is to assist organizations in empathetically supporting individuals on their bereavement journey. We achieve this by developing adaptable processes that can be streamlined, replicated, or customized to suit your needs. Among the most challenging aspects of this journey is the Return to Work phase, where we offer readiness guidance, a check-in model, and foster a team culture of unwavering support that extends beyond a mere leave of absence.

  • An online guide that follows the journey through an employee bereavement leave.

  • Included a "Ask Me Anything Call" should you need support

  • Includes simple overviews, downloads, and deeper dive sections

  • The program is self-paced and available for 4 weeks. 

  • Ability to navigate the program to pinpoint what you need next

Corporate Licensing Available
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