One on One Spaces Available Today

Ocean View


Together we will wonder out loud, get curious about our life and spend some time reflecting on what we are deeply connected to and what is possible.  

This journey into your inheritance and experiences is done, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder.  We spend some time reflecting together and hearing each person describe  their gifts.  What a glorious and wonderous moment to hear other speak about honour and gratitude for self.


There is homework here and often not simple. So we touch base 1:1 as well. There is beauty in the group as much as there is beauty in focus.


Discovering and welcoming who we are and who we want to grow into requires nourishment.  how do we show appreciation for ourselves, our journey and all that we carry? This unknown path is often where we get lost, or we try to bypass it with a class or a course or...yes... another workshop.


Through love, care and tenderness we find ourselves.  And while you may have an idea what that part of you is longing for, we are afraid to admit it.  This is a moment for you to hold that truth, spend time with it and get to know it's meaning.

There is no right or wrong here. We are shifting and creating a container for what should crack open.  We are holding it with you in all its scary bits.  Just precious holding.

We focus on feeling into ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually and ultimately set forth in a learning practice.

Sunrise on Nature


While this group of wide open beauty beholds and empowers you. We need to set forth on our path. Let's come into what how we can carry this preciousness into a world that doesn't yet know what how precious this is to us?

We need to find the wondrous balance between ourselves and our life.  Between who we are and the relations we care about. This is where the hard work begins.


How do we hold onto our path of growth and begin living inside the life we have built?  How do we empower ourselves with our inherent need to change, grow, and practice?

Together, we will be accountable, we will re-member and we will belong.