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Leading While Healing

We connect Healthcare Workers Across Canada together in the hopes that we can support each other, cheer each other on and one day soon, meet in person! 

Join our Community, watch a webinar, join a support call, take on one of our challenges!

Organizational Memberships

We have customized and confidental communities available for your organization as well.  Let use help integrate your employee experiences into cultural transformation.

Reach out for how we can bring passion and purpose back into your organization!


We share articles and expertise on the emotional side of leadership.  This includes: compassion fatigue, anxiety, stress, trauma, self care, worthiness and communication tools. 

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Monthly Support 

We have monthly support calls that vary every month!  We are looking forward to sharing guest topics, monthly discussions, interviews and online inperson connections

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Community Connection

Best part of all, is that you get to connect with others that are going through exactly what you are. We are working towards organizing local events across the Country!

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