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Leader Program

Leaders have a difficult time turning it off. They are always seeking connections between the support they are receiving and how to turn this into a support they can give.  This is why we created the Leading through Loss Program for Executives.


It is a unique program where we combine our Individual Grief Care Program with our Workplace Program so that Organizational Leaders can make take the skill set they learn on a personal level and appropriately carry it into their experience at work.  This supports our organizational leaders in ensuring they have the skills to bring their whole self to work.

Program Overview

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This program consists of 12 one on one sessions that can be done in person or online.  We will cover:

  • Redefining Grief

  • Grief Literacy

  • Understanding your Roots of Grief

  • Life Story Timelines

  • Relationship Timelines

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Self Awareness & Regulation

  • Thought Balancing & Goal Setting

  • Journal & Writing Writing


Your Grief Story

Your grief is not necessarily rooted in your most recent experience. We work through some of the layers to set a foundation of where your grief story began and how we can resolve that relationship to revisit our recent experience and resolve some of the personal pain we are stuck in.  We work through Life Story and Relationship Timelines to help bring together a deeper understanding of where your grief roots are embedded.

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Leading through Loss

With tools we provide your understanding of grief and the language you use for grief become important in your healing.  We practive Self Awareness & Regulation with thought balancing and setting new goals to help us manage our daily activities in mindful and meaningful ways. We focus on Communication about emotions and how not to become a therapist but to be supportive in real actionable ways.


Building Resilient Teams

A big part of grief that is missing from today's culture is the idea that collectively supporting each other is a significant way we put our words into action.  How do we build a skill set that supports our teams and allows our teams to support us in healthy ways.

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