For Individuals

We all carry our grief differently and despite all our best efforts we have a difficult time really coming to terms with our loss and facing a new day without.  The good news is that while our grief will always be there we can work on resolving the pain associated with our grief.

Resolving this pain gives us room to learn how to carry our grief in sustainable and meaningful ways.  Our Individual Grief Care Program does just that.  We help you resolve the pain you are associating with your grief and supports you while you learn a new way of living with your grief.

Program Overview

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This program consists of 12 one on one sessions that can be done in person or online.  We will cover:

  • Redefining Grief

  • Grief Literacy

  • Understanding your Roots of Grief

  • Life Story Timelines

  • Relationship Timelines

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Self Awareness & Regulation

  • Thought Balancing & Goal Setting

  • Journal & Writing Writing


Your Grief Understanding

Your grief is not necessarily rooted in your most recent experience. We work through some of the layers to set a foundation of where your grief story began and how we can resolve that relationship to revisit our recent experience and resolve some of the personal pain we are stuck in.  We work through Life Story and Relationship Timelines to help bring together a deeper understanding of where your grief roots are embedded.

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Telling the Story

We walk through a practice of understanding the significant griefs of your life and in the specific relationship you are currently grieving.  These timelines provide you with perspective on why the pain of loss is so significant and to help you begin to heal the moments in your journey where you may be stuck or find unresolved grief that needs attention


Skill Building

Depending on your specific grief, we use a combination of IFS and CBT practices and tools to help you build a foundation for living whole.  We help create a safe space for you to honour your grief and also be able to manage the triggers before they happen.  This will help you feel whole in all the different areas of your life

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