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Thu, Jul 18


Miraki Life Workspace

Emotional Flow: Art and Movement Workshop

Connect with your body and emotions with art and movement during this 3 hour workshop

Emotional Flow: Art and Movement Workshop
Emotional Flow: Art and Movement Workshop

Time & Location

Jul 18, 2024, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. EDT

Miraki Life Workspace, 35 Golden Ave Unit 114, Toronto, ON M6R 2J5, Canada

About the event

Many of us are currently living in a swirl of overwhelm and a general sense of disappointment. Whether you're feeling defeated by world events or dealing with a significant change or loss in your life, it’s normal to wonder why moving forward feels so difficult. While we often know what steps to take to ground ourselves logically, our emotions can be deeper than any 10-step resolution process. This workshop has been crafted for you.

This workshop acts as a sanctuary where your story does not need to be told or heard, but allows for emotional expression. Combining grounding exercises, music, movement, and creative art processing, we provide a supportive space to help you understand what you are holding onto and need to release.

We invite you to an evening of emotional exploration and connection in a nurturing environment. Through intentional grounding exercises, you will have the opportunity to better understand what your body is holding onto and give it space to express its deep desire for connection.

What to expect:

  • A warm welcome, reminding everyone of their belonging in the space.
  • Grounding exercises with breath and movement to prepare your body and mind.
  • A dynamic movement session that uses music to help you release and express emotions and thoughts.
  • A short art session where you can express and process the movement you experienced in a visual way.
  • A final grounding workshop to bring closure and peace to your experience.

By fostering a space for communication and creative expression, our experienced facilitators provide the opportunity for you to feel seen, heard, and held. Join us on this journey as we come together to find strength and solace in our shared humanity, knowing that you are in safe and supportive hands.


Sarah Hines

For two decades, Sarah has immersed herself in supporting those through death, grief and loss. She is the founder of Grief Advocacy and has designed this program to integrate our somatic understanding into our healing processes. Her experience has brought extraordinary clarity and revealed the polarizing beauty that exists inside of longing and sorrow. In her resolute commitment to growth and connection, Sarah resides at life's precipices, forging a container for those that are willing to make the journey to her gates. Here, she offers a sacred retreat for those poised to explore their emotional boundaries—inviting them to trust, dissolve, and alchemize their experiences into an apprenticeship of life's greatest pleasures.

Maria Vassiliou

Maria Vassiliou is a dedicated grief advocate, educator, and facilitator with a passion for transforming how society navigates death and bereavement. As the founder of Philotimo Life, she works tirelessly to modernize death policy and normalize conversations around grief, believing that these changes can foster generational wellness. With a profound commitment to the arts, Maria is a respected artist and photographer whose work has been featured internationally. She often participates in artist residencies worldwide, using her creativity to facilitate art workshops that provide emotional healing and expression. Maria's personal journey and professional experiences converge in her mission to support those experiencing overwhelming grief, particularly in today's rapidly changing world. Maria’s compassionate approach and dedication to holding space through creative expression make her a guiding light for those seeking solace and connection.

Jane Lee

Jane Lee is a certified yoga & meditation teacher, medical qigong practitioner, author of The Answer: How to Get the Best Answers to Your Life's Biggest Questions, and a well-being coach. She's taught yoga & meditation for twelve years and has had a personal practice for over twenty years. However, for many of those years, her practice wasn't consistent. Then five years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, and that's when her yoga, meditation, and energy practices shifted to a much deeper level. That daily, connected practice was instrumental in her healing journey, and she left her corporate career to share the life-changing wellness practices she'd learned with others. Her goal is to help you connect with your inner peace.


  • Event Admission

    Sale ends: Jul 18, 7:00 p.m. EDT



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