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Workplace Grief Programs


Grief Education

Learn how grief affects your employees and their workplace. We guide your team on the foundations of grief care and customize our program based on your specific industry. This workshop will develop the understanding and the practices that are most appropriate in your work environment.

Employee Coaching Program

As ad-hoc support coaches, we support your team when they are swirling in the overwhelm. We create foundations and deliver coping mechanisms and tools to help your team develop healthy boundaries. 

Bereavement Process Consulting

Together we update your current Bereavement Policies and Processes to ensure that your organization can create the best experience for the bereaved and their team. We focus on the journey from bereavement announcement through to return to work.

Leadership Training

We help leaders develop the confidence and the skillset to emotional support their teams.  We focus on creating compassion not empathy.  We focus on creating healthy boundaries that enable leaders to be available and affective in the moment.

Team Support

Built for teams that experience a loss or are grieving an anticipated loss (terminal illness). This program provides regular group meetings that focus on community expressions of grief and support the development of resilience and healing.

Online Training

Our Leading through Loss Program is for leaders who are actively engaging with a bereaved team mate.  The program takes you through, step by step with templates, options and additional tools that helps the whole system return to work in inclusive and health ways.

VP, Operations

"Your team was more than a support you became part of our family and we will never forget how much you did for us"

Executive Director

"When we look back on what made us truly will be you. I am so grateful you were there for us."


"I'm just so grateful to have these few minutes to get real before the mask goes up. You are making amazing changes here - keep going!" 
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