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Leading Through Loss

  • 12Weeks
  • 25Steps
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Program Overview

This program walks with you through the journey of supporting an employee and your team through a bereavement leave. We keep attention on what is important and provide you with templates along the way. You will learn: How to communicate & what actions to take when you get the news. How to take care of yourself should the news be activating How to take care of your team who will pick up new responsibilities and want to be supportive How your organization can integrate grief care in real ways. You will receive: Communication Templates that you can copy and make your own. Checklists of questions you may want to ask the bereaved and your team. Additional Support Tools should there be an emotional ripple. We are glad to see you here and look forward to hearing from you through the process. You will have room for: Reaching out to us via the chat Comment on the modules to ensure you are getting what you need Wondering out loud with the community to learn from your peers in gratitude for your willingness, Sarah




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