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We are a fine group of hard-working and passion filled coaches who have been supporting, coaching and training leaders and their teams in some of the hardest days and industries. And through it all we all connect to one thing:

To Meet You Where You Are.

We each have our own unique disciplines and are matched to organizations based on our expertise.

We believe that in order to be able to ensure the mental wellness of our healthcare professionals, we need to understand the whole person. This doesn't mean reliving and rebuilding. It means connecting and developing.

We know this work is not for everyone, but knowing that we are there should it ever be required is truly where the change in your culture begins.

Grief Support Coach
Bereavement Leave Best Practices


Grief Coach Certifications

Trauma Informed Practice Certified

Workplace Mental Health First Aid

Leadership Coaches

Internal Family Systems Practitioners

Somatic Parts Integration

Palliative Care & Home Hospice

Home Hospice Expertise



Death Doulas

Forest Therapists

Life Coaches

Art Therapy



While building a successful career in sales, I was also spending much of my spare time volunteering in Home Hospice, getting certified as a Death Doula and advocating for the importance of grief, loss and death. 


About 25 years later, after experiencing career burnout, I founded Grief Advocacy with the sole purpose of helping organizations action their corporate culture in the face of adversity. To empower them to stand together when hard things happen. 


I am so proud of this collective and the work we have done so far.  I look forward to discovering, inspiring and empowering leaders as we create grief inclusive cultures across North America.

Founder Grief Advocacy
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