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We are a dedicated group of passionate coaches, working across Canada and across industries. Our commitment is simple: to meet you where you are.


Each of us brings our own unique expertise and disciplines, ensuring we are matched to organizations that align with our knowledge. And we have all completed the Grief Advocacy Workplace Grief Training Program.


We firmly believe that to ensure our clients' emotional wellness, we must understand what is most important to them as a leader. This doesn't involve reliving or rebuilding, but rather connecting and developing customized programs that reflect their values and amplify their voices.

Our mission it to normalize the conversations around Grief in the Workplace and support organizations through grief-inclusive processes with actionable and simple changes.

When times are tumultuous, you are more than your EAP Program and this program is here to prove it.

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Bereavement Leave Best Practices


Grief Coach Certifications

Trauma Informed Practice Certified

Workplace Mental Health First Aid

Leadership Coaches

Internal Family Systems Practitioners

Somatic Parts Integration

Palliative Care Practitioners

Home Hospice Expertise



Death Doulas

Forest Therapists

Life Coaches

Art Therapists



While building a successful career in sales, I consistently dedicated much of my spare time to volunteering in Home Hospice, driven by a deep-rooted passion for helping those facing grief and loss. It was during this time that I became certified as a Death Doula, truly immersing myself in advocating for the importance of acknowledging and processing grief.


Fast forward 25 years, and with the weight of career burnout on my shoulders, a moment of clarity struck me. It was then that I dedicated my work to establishing Grief Advocacy, an organization committed to enabling and encouraging companies to take proactive steps in the face of adversity. My mission? Empower individuals and organizations alike to stand together, unwavering, even when confronted with life's most formidable challenges.


Witnessing the collective strength and determination that our team has cultivated fills me with immense pride. Together, we have already achieved significant milestones through our impactful work. However, this is only the beginning. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to unearth, inspire, and empower leaders as we relentlessly strive to foster grief-inclusive cultures across every corner of North America.

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