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We support individuals and organizations in navigating life's transitions. We provide a holistic approach that integrates cognitive behavioural techniques, somatic practices, and creative expression tailored to meet unique needs across various professional and personal contexts.


We also offer a robust network of specialized practitioners to ensure comprehensive support, promoting a compassionate and inclusive approach to life's challenges and changes. If you're interested in our referral program, you can learn more here.

Meet the Team


Founder, Executive Coach

Sarah Hines

Sarah's journey into grief work began with the profound and personal experience of supporting a dear friend who was rejected by his family and faced death alone. This heartbreak propelled her into activism and led to her training in Home Hospice, where she volunteered for five years. She later trained in Children's Home Hospice, deepening her understanding of death's complexity and the beauty that can emerge even in the darkest times. Her 25-year career in Death and Grief care, further enriched by her studies at the Orphan Wisdom School, has taught her that grief is our greatest teacher. Today, she supports individuals and groups, advocates for improved bereavement policies, and shares the valuable lessons she has learned through speaking engagements.

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Experience Officer

Maria Vassiliou

Maria Vassiliou is a marketer, content creator, dedicated grief advocate, educator, and facilitator. She works to transform how society navigates transition, loss and grief. As the founder of Philotimo Life, she modernizes policies and normalizes conversations around challenging topics. A respected artist, her work has been featured internationally, and she participates in artist residencies worldwide. She uses her creativity to facilitate art workshops that provide emotional healing. Maria's personal journey and professional experiences converge in her mission to support those experiencing overwhelming change, grief, and loss. Her compassionate approach and dedication to creative expression make her a guiding light for those seeking solace and connection in challenging times.

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