About Us

Meeting People Where They Are

Here are Grief Advocacy, we believe that all change we desire is rooted deep inside our grief. 

That when we reflect upon our painful truths, we often find what so desperately needs to be nourished. 

We find meaning inside the darker emotions and can therefore connect into a more rooted foundation of self. 

This truth finding requires us to be brave while being held in a community that understands and honours this difficult journey.

This work is deeply required by our healthcare workers now more than ever.  There is a staffing shortage and we are willing to hire anyone if it means we don't need to cover another weekend.  

If we can connect to the healthcare workers we do have and give them the tools then need to become more connected to themselves, they in turn work with more passion and purpose than any pandemic can take away.

Together we will reflect on the tougher moments in our life, build a relationship with who we are and who we want to be and through the connection with others, develop a skill set that aligns with our desired growth and values.

We have been working with organizations across North America to change the way the lead.  To ensure that empathy, purpose and accountability remain at the heart of this human-centred care.

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